CSR works in coordination with Kansas University Representation Initiative (KUREP) in a project called Party Competition in Europe. The project is a joint collaboration between Robert Rohrschneider (The University of Kansas, Lawrence) and Stephen Whitefield (Oxford University, England). Through conducting expert surveys, it examines the way political parties in Europe offer choices to voters, define programs, and channel the preferences of citizens into the political process; and what influences the capacity of parties to represent citizens. Recently another expert survey in 27 countries completed that measure the positions of parties on the same set of issues throughout 2013.

Prof. Ali Çarkoğlu and his research team are responsible from the research related to Türkiye, which aims at understanding the positions of the prominent political parties in Türkiye on different political issues in the agenda. In this expert survey, the research team requested academicians located at different cities to answer the questionnaire. In this survey, the questions ask the positions of the prominent political parties, not the academicians’ own political preferences or attitudes. The prominent political parties are identified as the ones who got more than 1% of votes in 2011 general elections and the ones that currently has a group in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. As a result of the objective answers these academicians provided, scientific works on the positions of the prominent political parties in Türkiye are being conducted.

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