The aim of this project is ascertaining the mass level populist attitudes and values against the Syrian refugees in Türkiye. According to Mudde (2007), the right populist politics establish its political actions and discourse on authoritarianism, populism, and nativism (Figure 1). The depiction of the society and politics as the fight between good and bad culminated with the codification of a single “nation” (good) and the out-groups (bad) lead to the rise of attitudes against minorities, foreigners, and immigrants. This study aims to estimate the populist attitudes and values in the mass level and parallel to this goal, predicting the manners and behaviors against the Syrian refugees. This study is designed as a pre-project due to the possibility of the changing direction of the attention of the populist discourse from minorities and the outer world towards Syrians who has emerged as a potentially serious “other” group in the upcoming years. This study also aims to identify the potential problematic areas in the policy-making process and indicate under what conditions these possible areas can occur.

Mudde, C. 2007. Populist Radical Right Parties in Europe. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.