About the project:

Voting Advice Application (VAA), Oy Pusulası in Turkish, is a voluntarily used, online, and free education tool that is developed by political scientists. Under the leadership of Prof. Ali Çarkoğlu (from Koç University) a consultation team was established that is composed of voting behavior experts and prominent academicians from eight different cities. Oy Pusulası was constructed on the basis of the model that is prepared under the leadership of Prof. Andre Krouwel (from the Free Universtiy of Amsterdam)  for Europe and the other democracies in the world.  Prof. Krouwel is also counseling for our VAA project.


Oy Pusulası learns preferences and assessments of its users on 30 different issues. The political parties positions on the same issues are identified by the expert researchers on the basis of the documents like party programs and election manifestations. The positions of the 4 main political parties on 30 different issues are visualized through a two-dimensional political space. Thus, the users of Oy Pusulası could see their own positions and the positions of these four different parties on the same graph. The users could see the evidences (such as related quotes from the documents) upon which the experts identified the party positions. Therefore, the users could track what each party said on these 30 issues straight from the first person.


You can find further details in the Election Compass web site.