Center for Survey Research

Center for Survey Research (CSR), which was founded under Koc University, aims at developing experience and knowledge on survey research methodology. The works under this center are intended to cover variety of disciplines and several different methodological approaches and to improve these methods. Also, CSR aspires

  • to conduct projects that are placed in the forefront of the world academic publications,
  • to contribute the improvement of these techniques that are widely used in public and private sectors in Türkiye,
  • to make sure that the resulting information is easily reachable, and
  • to work towards  enabling the application and development of the most competent data analysis techniques in the practice of Türkiye.

In order to realize these goals, CSR accommodates a comprehensive interdisciplinary academic staff (from disciplines such as economics, public health, statistics, psychology, political science, sociology, medicine, international relations). Additionally, another purpose of CSR is to gather the projects, which are usually conducted individually in our university, under the same roof and to provide an opportunity for those works to more efficiently develop scientific and applied research and technology through enabling contributions from public, private, and civil society organizations.